The Death of Everything

I forgot to take a knee
though I still knelt all the same
instead of asking for you
I gave it all away

My father’s father’s curses
and the fight for loss and name
my sins, untelling to you,
you found it anyway

My mother left, so did you
can I blame you anyway?
“A crutch” came out, within you
the death of everything

My brother cried, I did too
and he loves me all the same
once bone and flesh and sinew
in dirt and earth we lay


I Stayed Up Late

I stayed up late to wait for you
the light from the other room
the shadows danced around me
they knew before I knew

I waited up for you to come
our love was smaller then
the walls were there for me
they knew and I did too

I hated everything I did to you
the truth was hidden then
the voices softly spoke to me
“she knew, she knew, she knew”

I laid my head down next to you
but you were already gone
the silence was all around