Potter’s Earth.

A home from potter’s earth.
Ironless; formed from dirt.
What we are, not what we were.
What remained after we burned.

A heart within the ground.
Nothing left; buried down.
What was lost cannot be found.
What remains is underground.


Cut my hair and shave my face;
strip me bare, forsake my name.
Seven locks and seven strings.
Nothing left for me but bleeding.

“How can you love”, Delilah speaks,
“if your heart is not with me?”
She made me sleep upon her knees.
Nothing left for me but pillars.

Honest Intentions

Places to house honest intentions
that are built upon foundations of hope:
that the worst in us can be forgiven,
that the weary lost can find a home.

Blameless, devout, and superstitious:
that our guilt is more than just ways to cope,
that our hurt reminds why we are living,
that the fear we brought can lead us home.