Pounds and pounds of flesh.

A broken crown
and shattered crest.
A light within the wilderness.
You gave me life,
you gave me death.
Just pounds and pounds of flesh.
An empty home
and emptied breath.
A heart within a withered chest.
Nothing more 
and nothing left.
But pounds and pounds of flesh.

Eleven Kings.

Heaven bound, oh glory be!
A broken beggar and roaring sea.
The light is just a common thief
poised and idle underneath.

Seven crowns, eleven kings!
A fourth were always born to bleed.
And darkness now our last belief,
we’re forth in sorrow endlessly.

A Mountain Man in a Mountainless Land

Once there was a mountain babe
who climbed from mother’s womb.
He was born into a mountainless land
while the flowers were in bloom.

Once there was a mountain boy
who climbed his father’s side.
He stood upon his father’s shoulders
and met the crown with pride.

Once there was a mountain youth
who scaled the tallest trees.
He gazed upon the openness
and found no mountains within reach.

Once there was a mountain man
who dreamt of higher peaks.
He would have sought the mountain tops
if it were not for the children at his feet.

Once there was a mountain elder
now too old to make the climb.
He settled near the tallest trees
it was just the right incline.

Our Hearts Are Something Else

We spoke the words in melody
as thoughts raced through our heads.
Like the singing of some raging sea,
was the screaming in our chests.

Your words are like a symphony,
your beauty none can test.
Like a bringing back to life, it seems,
is the vision of what’s next.

These words are but a passing gleam,
our hearts are something else.
Like the stealing of some child’s sleep,
you take my every breath.